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Cloud Computing as a career pathway
IT JOB PATHWAY webinar series

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Ever wondered where your data stored in the cloud is? Or why it is even called the cloud?

The introduction of cloud computing has allowed anyone to store masses amounts of data, you never have to worry that your data has been saved as it will always be available in the cloud.

As more companies adopt cloud architecture, they need more workers to manage it. The surge of spending on cloud services is rising. Prediction forecasts shows that cloud services will grow three times more than overall IT services through 2022.

Therefore Employability.life are offering this webinar; to help shape your career pathway in cloud computing.

Joshua Stroup, an awarded and renowned software engineer, architect and manager, with the perfect skill sets to guide you in your career.

Giten is a senior tech executive with 20+ years of experience in Digital Transformation and has worked with customers globally.

Join us on the 15th of April, 10.30 am IST, 3 pm AEST, where we investigate cloud computing as a career & jobs!

See you on Thursday!

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