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Finance & Accounting
If you enjoy working with financial figures, choosing a career in accounting or finance could be a great decision for you. But, you may be unsure about which degree to earn, as the fields overlap.

What are the similarities between accounting and finance and where they differ? And which pathway would you like to choose and why? Ask our guests! Atul for Finance and Adrian for Accounting

In this webinar we will hear from students Disha Dogra and Dhruva Ayar who will be able to give a great insight into studying accounting and their own experiences.

Atul Monga is a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) and an MBA from London Business School. An alumnus of Deloitte and Grant Thornton (GT), Atul currently helps FinTech and other innovative technology companies to transform and scale.

Adrian White - ATMC accounting lecturer, having published extensively on accounting and tax related areas and holds a Batchelor of Professional Accounting Association. Adrian has the perfect accounting skillset to guide you in your career!
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